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Introducing the Atosa 900mm 4 Tier Display Fridge Model DF097D, a versatile and efficient refrigerated display solution perfect for showcasing a wide range of food and beverages, available for purchase through Melbourne Refrigeration and Catering Equipment. This display fridge is designed to enhance the presentation of your products while keeping them fresh and easily accessible.

Key Features:

– **Spacious and Versatile:** The DF097D offers ample space across its 4 tiers, providing a versatile display area for a variety of food and beverages, from desserts and drinks to sandwiches and salads.
– **Optimal Visibility:** Equipped with glass panels, the display fridge ensures excellent visibility of your products, allowing customers to easily view and select their desired items.
– **Energy-Efficient LED Lighting:** Featuring energy-efficient LED lighting, the DF097D illuminates the displayed products, enhancing their visual appeal and making them more enticing to customers.
– **Adjustable Shelving:** The fridge comes with adjustable shelves, allowing you to customize the display space according to the size and arrangement of your products.
– **Temperature Control:** Designed to maintain consistent and ideal temperature levels, this display fridge keeps your items fresh and at their best for prolonged periods.
– **Easy Access and Maintenance:** With convenient front access doors, the DF097D enables quick and easy restocking and cleaning, ensuring efficient operation in a busy commercial setting.
– **Durable Build:** Built with quality materials, this display fridge is sturdy and reliable, offering long-lasting performance in demanding food service environments.

Enhance the visibility and freshness of your products with the Atosa 900mm 4 Tier Display Fridge Model DF097D, a versatile and reliable refrigerated display solution available through Melbourne Refrigeration and Catering Equipment.

• Available in 900/1200/1500/1700 width sizes

• Comes with 3 shelves for maximum exposure plus the floor

• 4 levels to display your products

• Keep your products cool

• 2-8 degrees temp range

• Sliding removable back doors

• Italian digital temp controls

• SECOP compressor

• LED lights

• Heated glass to remove condensation

• Fitted with castors for easy mobility

Upright Round Cake Showcase 900 mm Fridge DF097D

The Upright Round Cake Showcase 900 mm Fridge DF097D is a high-quality cake display with full warranty and delivery Australia wide. It has a volume of 600 and comes with 3 shelves for maximum exposure plus the floor 4 levels to display your products. The product is best suited to restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs, bars, quick service restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, food production, and bakeries. The cake display has a curve glass and 2 doors. The temperature range is 2-8 degrees Celsius, and it comes with sliding removable back doors, Italian digital temp controls, SECOP compressor, LED lights, and heated glass to remove condensation. The product is fitted with castors for easy mobility.

Additional information

Weight 204 kg
Dimensions 90 × 75 × 1350 cm



Product Description

Product Description

Elevate your bakery or dessert shop with the Upright Round Cake Showcase 900 MM Fridge DF097D. Designed for optimal product presentation and freshness maintenance, this refrigerated display unit combines functionality with aesthetics to showcase your delectable treats with flair. From its spacious interior to its advanced features, this showcase is tailored to meet the needs of modern food businesses.

Key Features:

  1. Ample Display Space:
    With dimensions available in 900, 1200, 1500, and 1700 mm widths, the Upright Round Cake Showcase offers abundant space to exhibit your assortment of cakes, pastries, and desserts. Its three shelves and floor provide versatility in organizing and showcasing various delicacies.
  2. Temperature Control:
    Maintain the freshness of your products effortlessly with the temperature range of 2-8 degrees Celsius. The Italian digital temperature controls ensure precise regulation, keeping your treats at the perfect temperature for extended periods.
  3. Optimal Visibility:
    Illuminate your products brilliantly with the integrated LED lights, enhancing their visual appeal. The heated glass prevents condensation, ensuring clear visibility of your treats while maintaining their freshness and presentation.
  4. Convenient Accessibility:
    The sliding removable back doors facilitate easy access to the interior for restocking and cleaning purposes, streamlining your operational efficiency.
  5. Reliable Performance:
    Equipped with a SECOP compressor, this showcase guarantees reliable cooling performance, essential for preserving the quality of your desserts in demanding commercial environments.
  6. Mobility and Flexibility:
    Fitted with castors, this showcase offers easy mobility, allowing you to rearrange your display layout effortlessly to suit your evolving needs and preferences.

Need to Enhance Your Bakery Display with Upright Round Cake Showcase 900 MM Fridge DF097D? Contact our helpful staff now at (03) 9794 8627 or via email at sales@melbournerefrigeration.com.au.



Q: Can I adjust the temperature of the showcase?
A: Yes, the Upright Round Cake Showcase DF097D comes with Italian digital temperature controls, allowing you to adjust the temperature within the range of 2-8 degrees Celsius to suit your specific requirements.

Q: How many shelves does the showcase have?
A: The showcase comes with three shelves in addition to the floor, providing four levels for displaying your products effectively.

Q: Is the showcase easy to move around?
A: Yes, the showcase is fitted with castors for easy mobility, enabling you to maneuver it effortlessly to different locations within your bakery or dessert shop.

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