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Discover the Atosa 4 Tier Display Fridge Model DF157D, a versatile refrigerated showcase perfect for presenting a variety of food and beverages with style and efficiency. Available through Melbourne Refrigeration and Catering Equipment, this display fridge offers optimal visibility, and energy-efficient LED lighting for a captivating display that keeps your products fresh and appealing.

Upright Square Cake Showcase Fridge DF127F

  • Available in 900/1200/1500/1700 width sizes
  • Comes with 3 shelves for maximum exposure plus the floor
  • 4 levels to display your products
  • Keep your products cool
  • 2-8 degrees temp range
  • Sliding removable back doors
  • Italian digital temp controls
  • SECOP compressor
  • LED lights
  • Heated glass to remove condensation
  • Fitted with castors for easy mobility

Elevate your bakery or café with the Upright Square Cake Showcase Fridge DF127F. Designed to keep your products cool while showcasing them in the best light, this versatile display fridge offers optimal visibility, precise temperature control, and effortless mobility. 

Available in multiple sizes, it caters to all your display needs, ensuring your delicious creations are always the center of attention.

The Upright Square Cake Showcase DF127F is available in four different widths: 900 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm, and 1700 mm. This flexibility allows you to choose the perfect size to fit your space and display requirements. Each size comes with three shelves and a base, providing four levels to elegantly present your cakes, pastries, and other delicacies.

Maintaining a temperature range of 2-8 degrees Celsius, this cake showcase ensures your products stay fresh and delectable. The Italian digital temperature controls allow for precise adjustments, guaranteeing that your treats are stored under ideal conditions.

The showcase is equipped with sliding removable back doors, making it easy to access and restock your display. The heated glass prevents condensation, ensuring your products remain clearly visible to your customers. Additionally, the built-in LED lights enhance the appearance of your items, making them more enticing.

Powered by a SECOP compressor, the DF127F provides reliable and efficient cooling performance. SECOP compressors are known for their durability and energy efficiency, helping you maintain a consistent temperature with lower energy consumption.

Fitted with castors, the Upright Square Cake Showcase can be easily moved and repositioned as neededThis mobility ensures that your display can adapt to different layouts and event requirements, providing you with the flexibility to showcase your products wherever they attract the most attention.

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Additional information

Weight 275 kg
Dimensions 150 × 75 × 135 cm




Q: What are the available sizes for the Upright Square Cake Showcase Fridge DF127F?

The DF127F is available in four widths: 900 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm, and 1700 mm, allowing you to choose the perfect size for your display needs.

Q: What temperature range does this fridge maintain?

The Upright Square Cake Showcase DF127F maintains a temperature range of 2-8 degrees Celsius, ideal for keeping cakes and pastries fresh.

Q: How many display levels does the fridge have?

The fridge features four display levels, including three shelves and the base, providing ample space to showcase your products.

Q: What type of compressor is used in this fridge?

This fridge is equipped with a SECOP compressor, known for its reliability and energy efficiency.

Q: Are the back doors removable?

A: Yes, the fridge has sliding removable back doors for easy access and restocking.


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