Woodson Pie Display – 60 Capacity

Upgrade your bakery or cafe with the Woodson Pie Display, a premium showcase designed to enhance the presentation of your delicious pies.



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Woodson 60 Capacity Pie Display

Woodson Pie Display

  • Steel construction with black powder coated finish
  • Toughened glass sliding doors to front & back
  • Removable angled chrome wire racks (4 off)
  • Top light boc for branding
  • Thermostat control - 30 to 120 degrees celsius, and temperature gauge
  • Removable stainless steel crumb tray & element guard
  • Separate illuminated power & light switches
  • Full internal lighting for improved display
  • Great savings off of RRP!

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 465 × 665 × 650 cm
New or used equipment

Gas connection

Gas rating

Electrical requirements

Product Description

Upgrade your bakery or cafe with the Woodson Pie Display, a premium showcase designed to enhance the presentation of your delicious pies. Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with features like toughened glass sliding doors, removable angled chrome wire racks, and a top lightbox for branding.

Key Features:

Stunning Visual Appeal

The Woodson Pie Display stands out with its modern design, irresistibly showcasing your pies. The toughened glass sliding doors on both the front and back provide a clear view of your delectable treats, enticing customers from every angle.

Customizable Branding

Utilize the top lightbox to promote your brand and create a lasting impression on customers. Personalize your display with logos, promotional messages, or eye-catching graphics, making your bakery a standout destination.

Precise Temperature Control

Equipped with a thermostat control ranging from 30 to 120 degrees Celsius and a temperature gauge, this display ensures that your pies are showcased at the perfect temperature for both visual appeal and taste.

Easy Maintenance

Effortless maintenance is guaranteed with features like removable angled chrome wire racks, a stainless steel crumb tray, and an element guard. Keep your display looking pristine and your pies at their best with minimal effort.

Illuminated Controls

Navigate the display with ease using separate illuminated power and light switches. This user-friendly design ensures a seamless experience for both customers and staff.

Enhanced Visibility

Full internal lighting provides optimal visibility, ensuring that every pie is showcased in its full glory. Illuminate your treats and attract customers with a display that highlights the quality of your products.

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