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- Australian made
- self contained
- removable filters for easy cleaning
- ductless design
- variable speed
- internal light
- 10a 240v power
- 3 months warranty
750mm W x 660mm D x 1150mm H


Woodson 750mm Ductless Counter Top Exhaust Canopy: Efficient Kitchen Air Management


Upgrade your kitchen ventilation with the Woodson 750mm Ductless Counter Top Exhaust Canopy – a compact and efficient solution designed to enhance air quality by effectively removing smoke, steam, and odors. Whether you’re operating a bustling restaurant or a cozy cafe, this canopy ensures a more comfortable and pleasant cooking environment.

Key Features

1. Ductless Design

The Woodson Ductless Canopy eliminates the need for complex ductwork. This streamlined design simplifies installation and provides flexibility in choosing the canopy’s placement.

2. Powerful Extraction

Experience powerful extraction of smoke, steam, and cooking odors with the canopy’s efficient ventilation system. It helps maintain a clean and odor-free kitchen atmosphere.

3. Space-Saving Solution

With its compact 750mm width, this canopy is designed to fit neatly on countertops, making the most of available space while ensuring effective ventilation.

4. Easy Maintenance

The user-friendly design includes easy-to-clean filters, ensuring that maintenance remains hassle-free and ventilation efficiency stays consistent.

Elevate Your Kitchen Environment

Take control of your kitchen’s air quality with the Woodson 750mm Ductless Counter Top Exhaust Canopy. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, this canopy enhances your cooking experience by keeping the air clean and your workspace comfortable.



Q1: How does the ductless design work for the Woodson Canopy?

The ductless design of the Woodson Canopy employs effective filtration to capture and remove smoke, steam, and odors from the air, all without the need for traditional ductwork.

Q2: Can this canopy fit into smaller kitchen spaces?

Absolutely. The compact 750mm width of the Woodson 750mm Ductless Counter Top Exhaust Canopy is specifically designed for countertops, making it an ideal choice for kitchens with limited space.

Q3: How often should the filters be cleaned?

Regular cleaning of the filters is recommended to ensure optimal ventilation efficiency. The frequency depends on usage and the type of cooking being done.

Q4: Can the canopy handle heavy smoke and steam?

Yes, the Woodson Ductless Canopy’s efficient ventilation system is designed to handle various levels of smoke and steam, effectively maintaining a clean and comfortable kitchen environment.

Q5: Is professional installation necessary for this canopy?

Although professional installation is recommended for optimal setup, the straightforward design of the Woodson 750mm Ductless Counter Top Exhaust Canopy allows for relatively easy installation by individuals familiar with such tasks.


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