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Upgrade your kitchen with Williams 10kg Blast Chiller Freezer, a state-of-the-art device that can transform how you handle food chilling and freezing.


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Williams 10kg Blast Chiller Freezer

Rapid freezing will prevent cell damage to the product, preserving texture, appearance, taste, aroma and quality.

Designed to give caterers complete control of the chilling / freezing process, and to eliminate the hazards of slow-cooling, the WBCF Blast Chiller Freezer delivers performance that exceeds food safety legislation,

The powerful Blast Chiller Freezer is designed to rapidly reduce the temperature of hot foods from +90C down to +3C in 90 minutes or +90C to -18C in 240 minutes.

The WBCF has an advanced special air flow design developed by Williams (AirSmart) for even product chilling that eliminates product dehydration and ensures food is maintained in the best possible condition.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 70.7 × 80.4 × 88 cm

Product Description

Upgrade your catering game with the Williams 10kg Blast Chiller Freezer, a state-of-the-art device that can transform how you handle food chilling and freezing. This powerhouse of efficiency goes beyond mere compliance, offering outstanding performance that meets and exceeds food safety legislation and HACCP standards. 

Key features

Rapid Freezing for Ultimate Preservation:

The WBCF’s rapid freezing ability ensures your culinary creations retain their texture, appearance, taste, aroma, and overall quality, setting you apart in the competitive catering landscape.

1-2-3 Control Panel:

Innovative and easy to use, the 1-2-3 control panel simplifies the blast cycle initiation process, giving you complete control with three simple steps.

Special Air Flow Design (AirSmart) for Even Chilling:

The advanced airflow design eliminates product dehydration, ensuring that your food is in the best possible condition. Enjoy even chilling across your entire product load.

Hard and Soft Chilling Options:

Tailor your chilling process with the choice of hard or soft chilling, accommodating delicate and dense foods alike without compromising quality or safety.

Temperature Probe Controlled Cycles:

Ensure precision with temperature probe-controlled cycles, complete with audible alarms indicating the end of each cycle. No guesswork, just perfect results.

Storage Mode Automation:

The unit automatically switches to storage mode at 3°C at the end of each cycle, maximizing convenience and ensuring your food stays fresh until it’s ready to be served.

Energy-Efficient Design:

Operate confidently in up to 43°C ambient environments with the WBCF’s precision-injected, high-density insulation and self-closing door, minimizing temperature gain and reducing energy consumption.

Foodsafe Stainless Steel Build:

Both the exterior and interior boast a food-safe stainless steel construction, ensuring hygiene, durability, and easy maintenance.

Enhanced Security with Barrel Locked Doors:

The added security of barrel-locked doors guarantees the safety of your valuable culinary creations.


Q1: How fast can the Williams WBCF Blast Chiller Freezer cool hot foods?

The WBCF can rapidly decrease the temperature of hot foods from +90°C down to +3°C in just 90 minutes!

Q2: Can I trust the WBCF’s temperature control for delicate foods?

Absolutely! The WBCF offers a choice of hard or soft chilling, ensuring delicate foods are cooled without damage while denser foods are safely chilled.

Q3: Is the WBCF energy-efficient in high ambient temperatures?

Yes, the WBCF is designed and engineered to operate efficiently up to 43°C ambient environments, thanks to its precision insulation and self-closing door.

Q4: How secure is the WBCF Blast Chiller Freezer?

The WBCF ensures enhanced security with barrel-locked doors, providing peace of mind for the safety of your culinary creations.

Q5: Does the WBCF Blast Chiller Freezer comply with food safety regulations?

Absolutely! The WBCF not only meets but exceeds food safety legislation, is HACCP compliant, and adheres to guidelines for cook chill catering systems worldwide.


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