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- 12 litre per pan oil capacity
- 31kg per hour production rate
- electronic mechanical controls
- 3 phase 415V
- 2 x baskets
- 3 months warranty
450mm W x 810mm D x 900mm H

Product Description

Waldorf Split Pan Electric Deep Fryer: Crispy Delights Await


Elevate your frying game with the Waldorf Split Pan Electric Deep Fryer – a versatile and efficient kitchen companion designed to deliver perfectly crispy treats. Whether you’re a culinary professional or an enthusiastic home cook, this deep fryer empowers you to create golden-brown delicacies that are a delight to the senses.

Key Features

1. Split Pan Design

The Waldorf Deep Fryer boasts a split pan design, enabling you to simultaneously fry different foods without flavors intermingling. This enhances efficiency and expands your culinary possibilities.

2. Precise Temperature Control

Achieve frying precision with the deep fryer’s temperature control. Whether you’re preparing delicate pastries or hearty fries, the accurate temperature settings ensure consistent and delectable results.

3. Swift Frying

Equipped with efficient heating elements, the deep fryer ensures rapid heating and swift recovery times. This reduces waiting intervals between batches and guarantees your treats are consistently cooked to perfection.

4. Simple Maintenance

The user-friendly design includes removable pans and components, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. Spend more time savoring your creations and less time on upkeep.

Elevate Your Culinary Creations

Unleash your inner chef with the Waldorf Split Pan Electric Deep Fryer. From classic fries to imaginative creations, this fryer empowers you to craft dishes that embody crispy perfection.



Q1: Can I simultaneously fry different foods with the split pan design?

Absolutely. The Waldorf Split Pan Electric Deep Fryer’s split pan design allows you to fry different foods simultaneously without flavors mixing, enhancing efficiency and culinary versatility.

Q2: Is the temperature control easy to use?

Yes, the deep fryer’s temperature control is designed to be user-friendly, enabling you to easily adjust and maintain the desired frying temperature.

Q3: How quickly does the fryer heat up between batches?

The efficient heating elements of the deep fryer ensure rapid heating and recovery times, minimizing waiting periods between batches and allowing for continuous frying.

Q4: Are the pans and components easy to clean?

Yes, the user-friendly design includes removable pans and components, facilitating simple cleaning and maintenance of the Waldorf Split Pan Electric Deep Fryer.

Q5: Can this deep fryer accommodate professional kitchen demands?

Absolutely. The Waldorf Split Pan Electric Deep Fryer’s efficient design and versatile features make it suitable for both professional kitchens and home cooking environments.


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