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Elevate your commercial kitchen with a Turbo Air single door storage fridge offering 650 liters of capacity, precision cooling between 1-4 degrees, and energy-efficient operation.

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Turbo Air Single Door Storage Fridge


- 650 litre capacity
- soft touch controls
- door lock
- stainless steel interior and exterior
-1-4 degree operating temp
- 10a 240v power
- 2 year warranty

690mm W x 770mm D x 2110mm H

Product Description

Turbo Air Single Door Storage Fridge

Upgrade your commercial refrigeration game with the Turbo Air Single Door Storage Fridge, model FD-650R. This cutting-edge appliance combines a capacious 650-liter interior, user-friendly soft-touch controls, and a sleek stainless steel design to elevate your kitchen’s efficiency and aesthetics. 

Key Features:

Spacious Interior

Encounter unmatched storage with a generous 650-liter capacity. Effortlessly organize your products without compromising on space, ensuring you have everything at your fingertips.

Intuitive Controls

The soft-touch controls provide a user-friendly interface, allowing you to customize the temperature settings easily. Achieve the perfect environment for your goods, assuring their freshness.

Enhanced Security

The built-in door lock adds an extra layer of security, protecting your valuable stock. Stay easy, knowing that your products are safe from unauthorized access.

Durable Stainless Steel Build

Both the interior and exterior have a high-quality stainless steel construction, providing longevity and easy cleaning. The Turbo Air FD-650R is not just a fridge; it’s a durable investment.

Precision Cooling

Maintain optimal temperatures between 1-4 degrees Celsius, ensuring goods stay at their peak freshness. Say goodbye to worries about temperature fluctuations affecting your inventory.

Power Efficiency

Operating at 10A and 240V power, the FD-650R balances performance with energy efficiency. Keep your operational costs in check without compromising the cooling power you need.

Warranty Assurance

Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year warranty, showcasing Turbo Air’s confidence in the durability and reliability of the FD-650R.


Q1: What is the capacity of the FD-650R Single Door Storage Fridge?

The FD-650R has a 650-liter ample space for your commercial refrigeration needs.

Q2: How do I customize the temperature settings?

The FD-650R features intuitive soft-touch controls, allowing you to easily adjust and customize the temperature according to your specific requirements.

Q3: Is the exterior of the fridge easy to clean?

Yes, the FD-650R has a durable stainless steel interior and exterior, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance.

Q4: What is the operating temperature range of the FD-650R?

The FD-650R operates within 1-4 degrees Celsius, providing precise temperature control for optimal freshness.

Q5: Does the FD-650R come with a warranty?

Yes, Turbo Air stands behind the FD-650R with a 2-year warranty, offering assurance of its durability and reliability.

Invest in the Turbo Air FD-650R and experience a new level of refrigeration excellence in your commercial space!


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