Skipio SRT45-4 Double Half Door Upright Fridge

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Skipio SRT45-4 Double Half Door Upright Top Mount Fridge

Available to rent for just $53.62 per week!

  • Top mount.
  • Double fridge.
  • Four half doors.
  • 1210 litre capacity.
  • Inner temperature: 1℃~8℃.
  • Six shelves.

Additional information

Weight 1210 kg
Dimensions 800 × 1260 × 1926 cm
New or used equipment

Electrical requirements

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Product Description

Product Description

The Skipio SRT45-4 Double Half Door Upright Fridge is here to transform the way you store and manage your perishables. With an impressive 1210-liter capacity, top-mounted design, and four convenient half doors, this fridge offers unrivaled convenience and efficiency. Keep reading to discover why the Skipio SRT45-4 is the ultimate choice for your commercial or home kitchen.

Key Features

1. Ample Capacity:

Say goodbye to storage woes with a capacious 1210-liter capacity. This fridge is ideal for restaurants, cafes, or any setting that demands substantial storage space.

2. Double Fridge Design:

The innovative top-mount design ensures efficient cooling, making it easy to access fresh and frozen items without bending or stooping.

3. Four Half Doors:

The four half doors allow you to organize and access your stored items with precision, reducing temperature fluctuations and energy wastage.

4. Temperature Control:

Maintain the perfect temperature for your food items with a range of 1°C to 8°C, preserving freshness and quality.

5. Six Shelves for Organization:

Customize the interior to suit your needs with six adjustable shelves. Easily accommodate items of various sizes with this flexible storage solution.



Q 1: What is the capacity of the Skipio SRT45-4 Double Half Door Upright Fridge?

Answer: The Skipio SRT45-4 boasts an impressive 1210-liter capacity, providing ample space for all your storage needs.

Q 2: Can I use this fridge in a commercial kitchen?

Answer: Absolutely! The Skipio SRT45-4 is an ideal choice for commercial kitchens, restaurants, and cafes, thanks to its spacious design and efficient temperature control.

Q 3: How many doors does this fridge have?

Answer: This fridge features four convenient half doors, allowing you to access your stored items with precision while minimizing temperature fluctuations.

Q 4: Is the temperature adjustable in this fridge?

Answer: Yes, you can easily control the temperature in the range of 1°C to 8°C, ensuring your food remains fresh and at the perfect temperature.

Q 5: Are the shelves inside the fridge adjustable?

Answer: Yes, the Skipio SRT45-4 comes with six adjustable shelves, allowing you to customize the interior and accommodate items of various sizes with ease.

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