Roband PA50 Pie Warmer unit is now a PM50

Discover the Roband PA50 Pie Warmer – a 50-pie capacity marvel equipped with precise thermostat control, toughened safety glass, and a double-skin cavity for efficiency. Serve your pies with perfection every time!

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Roband PA50 Pie Warmer

This is a 50 pie capacity pie warmer complete with
- Precise thermostat control
- Pilot light indicator
- Toughened safety glass
- Removable glass, shelves and crumb trays for easy cleaning
- Double skin cavity for even temperature and low running costs
- Thermometer

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Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 350 × 585 × 485 cm
New or used equipment

Product Description

Ensure your delicious pies stay warm and ready for serving with the Roband PA50 Pie Warmer. This 50-piece capacity pie warmer is equipped with advanced features to elevate your pie-serving process. From precise thermostat control to a double-skin cavity for even temperature distribution, this pie warmer is designed for efficiency and ease of use.

Key Features

Precise Thermostat Control:

The Roband PA50 Pie Warmer has precise thermostat control, helping you to set and maintain the perfect temperature for your pies. This pie warmer guarantees that each pie is served at its best, preserving flavor and texture.

Pilot Light Indicator:

The pilot light indicator delivers a visual cue, helping you know when the pie warmer is operating. This feature ensures you can easily monitor the status of the warmer, promoting safety and convenience.

Toughened Safety Glass:

With toughened safety glass, the pie warmer not only provides a clear view of your delicious pies but also ensures durability and safety. The glass adds an extra layer of protection while showcasing your mouthwatering treats.

Easy Cleaning:

The removable glass, shelves, and crumb trays make cleaning a breeze. Maintain hygiene effortlessly by taking apart and cleaning the components. This feature is essential for busy environments where efficiency is key.

Double Skin Cavity:

The double skin cavity design contributes to even temperature distribution, guaranteeing that each pie is warmed consistently. This feature enhances the quality of your pies and contributes to low running costs, making it an economical choice.


Stay in control with the built-in thermometer. Monitor the temperature inside the warmer to ensure optimal conditions for your pies, giving you the confidence that each serving will be perfect.


1. How many pies can the Roband PA50 Pie Warmer hold?

The Roband PA50 Pie Warmer has a generous capacity of 50 pies, making it perfect for catering to large groups and busy places.

2. Is the thermostat control easy to use?

Yes, the precise thermostat control on the Roband PA50 Pie Warmer is user-friendly, letting you easily set and maintain the desired temperature for your pies.

3. Can I remove the glass and shelves for cleaning?

The pie warmer is designed for easy cleaning. The glass, shelves, and crumb trays are all removable, making maintenance a simple and efficient process.

4. How does the double skin cavity contribute to even temperature?

The double skin cavity design ensures that the temperature is distributed evenly throughout the warmer, guaranteeing that each pie is warmed consistently for the best taste and quality.

5. Is the pie warmer suitable for commercial use?

Yes, the Roband PA50 Pie Warmer is designed to meet the demands of commercial settings, providing efficient and reliable pie warming for your business.

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