Roband GMX810 Grill Max Toaster



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Roband Benchtop Electric Toaster, 8 Slice Capacity

Roband GMX810 Grill Max Toaster

  • Top and bottom or top only heat selection
  • Stylish stainless steel body
  • Dura-life stainless steel elements for prolonged element life
  • Good heat retention - continues to radiate some heat after elements turned off to help keep food warm
  • Energy regulator control
  • 5 minute timer with warning bell
  • Brushed stainless steel finish for easy cleaning of external surface
  • Multiple rack positions
  • Removable rack runners for easy cleaning

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Dimensions 315 × 585 × 315 cm
New or used equipment

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Product Description

Upgrade your kitchen game with the Roband GMX810 Grill Max Toaster, a versatile appliance designed to meet your toasting needs with finesse. Built with a stylish stainless steel body and innovative features, this toaster is poised to outshine the competition.

Product features:

Superior Heat Control

Choose between top and bottom or top-only heat selection with the energy regulator control, allowing precision in toasting based on your culinary preferences.

Dura-Life Stainless Steel Elements

Experience prolonged element life with Dura-life stainless steel elements, providing durability and constant performance.

Heat Retention Excellence

Enjoy good heat retention as this toaster radiates warmth even after turning off the elements, keeping your food warm.

Convenient Timer Feature

The 5-minute timer, accompanied by a warning bell, guarantees that your toasts are just the way you like them – perfectly golden and delicious.

Easy Cleaning

The brushed stainless steel finish adds a touch of elegance and facilitates easy cleaning of the external surface. Removable rack runners make the cleaning process a breeze.

Multiple Rack Positions

Experiment with various cooking techniques using multiple rack positions, offering flexibility and adaptability for different culinary creations.

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