Roband 83DT Pie Warmer

Elevate your culinary presentation with the Roband 83DT Pie Warmer. Featuring precise thermostat control, easy maintenance, and a double skin cavity, this 40-pie capacity appliance ensures your pies are showcased at their best. Invest in excellence today.


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Roband 83DT Pie Warmer

This is a 40 pie capacity Pie Warmer and has double steel sliding
doors and 3 removable shelves complete with:
-Precise thermostat control
- Easy removable shelves, doors, drawers and crumb trays for easy cleaning
- Double skin cavity for even temperature and low running costs
- Thermometer
- Single phase 10 amp plug, 1250 watts

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 350 × 585 × 485 cm
New or used equipment

Gas connection

Gas rating

Electrical requirements

Product Description

Upgrade your food service business with the Roband 83DT Pie Warmer, a cutting-edge appliance that redefine your pie presentation and storage capabilities. This 40-piece capacity pie warmer boasts double steel sliding doors and three removable shelves, ensuring convenience, efficiency, and an attractive display for your delectable pies.

Key Features

Precise Thermostat Control:

Enjoy optimal temperature control with the precise thermostat feature, allowing you to showcase your pies at their best while maintaining freshness.

Easy Removable Components:

The Roband 83DT Pie Warmer simplifies maintenance with easily removable shelves, doors, drawers, and crumb trays. Cleaning has never been more straightforward, ensuring a hygienic and efficient operation.

Double Skin Cavity:

Experience even temperature distribution and reduced running costs thanks to the double skin cavity design. Your pies will be kept at the perfect temperature, enticing customers and maximizing taste.


Monitor and maintain the ideal temperature for your pies effortlessly with the included thermometer, ensuring they are just the way your customers prefer.

Single Phase 10 Amp Plug, 1250 Watts:

With a single-phase 10 amp plug and 1250 watts of power, this pie warmer is efficient and easy to integrate into your existing setup.

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