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Elevate your food service business with the Roband 4 module Hot Food Display. Australian-made, featuring overhead heat lamps, gastronorm pan capacity, and thermostatic control. Discover unmatched quality and style today!



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Roband 4 Module Hot Food Display

Model: E24
- Australian made
- over head heat lamps
- 8 x 1/2 gastronorm pan capacity
- thermostatically controlled
- stand included
- 3 month warranty
1355mm W x 615mm D x 1355mm H

Product Description

Experience the epitome of functionality and style with the Roband 4 Module Hot Food Display. Build in Australia, this culinary innovation has a range of features to enhance your food service productivity and enhance the visual appeal of your offerings. Dive into the details below to discover why the Roband E24 is the perfect choice for your business.

Key features:

1. Overhead Heat Lamps for Perfect Temperature Control

Elevate your dishes with precision using the integrated overhead heat lamps, assuring that every item on display keeps its ideal temperature for a delectable customer experience.

2. 8 x 1/2 Gastronorm Pan Capacity

Effortlessly store a variety of dishes with the spacious 8 x 1/2 gastronorm pan capacity, offering versatility for your menu offerings and catering to diverse culinary preferences.

3. Thermostatically Controlled for Precision

Enjoy precise temperature control with the thermostatically controlled feature, allowing you to customize the heat settings according to the specific requirements of your dishes.

4. Stand Included for Convenience

The included stand adds a layer of convenience, elevating the Roband E24 to the perfect height for easy access and optimal visibility, ensuring a seamless food service experience.

5. 3-Month Warranty for Peace of Mind

Rest easy with a 3-month warranty, demonstrating our commitment to the durability and reliability of the Roband E24 Hot Food Display.


Q: Is the Roband E24 suitable for commercial use?

The Roband E24 is designed for commercial environments, delivering a reliable solution for showing and keeping your culinary creations at the perfect temperature.

Q: How many gastronorm pans can the display accommodate?

A: The Roband E24 Hot Food Display can accommodate 8 x 1/2 gastronorm pans, offering ample space for a diverse range of dishes.

Q: What does the 3-month warranty cover?

A: The 3-month warranty covers any manufacturing defects or issues with the functionality of the Roband E24 Hot Food Display, providing you with peace of mind regarding your purchase.

Q: Can the overhead heat lamps be adjusted?

A: Yes, the overhead heat lamps are thermostatically controlled, allowing you to adjust the temperature to meet the specific requirements of your dishes.

Q: Is assembly required for the stand?

A: No, the stand is included for your convenience, and no additional assembly is required. Simply set up your Roband E24 Hot Food Display and start showcasing your culinary creations.


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