$7,900.00 (with gst $8,690.00)



- German made
- electric 3 phase
- stainless steel stand
- 3 months warranty
900mm W x 700mm D x 1420mm H

Product Description

RATIONAL 10 Tray Electric Combi Steamer: Culinary Precision Redefined


Discover the pinnacle of culinary technology with the RATIONAL 10 Tray Electric Combi Steamer. Designed to revolutionize your cooking experience, this advanced combi steamer combines precise control, versatility, and innovation to elevate your culinary creations to new heights.

Key Features

1. Unmatched Precision

Experience unparalleled cooking precision with the RATIONAL 10 Tray Electric Combi Steamer. This appliance offers accurate temperature and humidity control, allowing you to execute intricate recipes with confidence.

2. Dual Functionality

Harness the power of both steam and convection heat. The combi steamer’s dual functionality enables you to achieve succulent textures, crisp exteriors, and exceptional flavor infusion in every dish.

3. Large Capacity

With a generous 10-tray capacity, the RATIONAL Combi Steamer effortlessly caters to high-volume cooking needs. Whether you’re running a restaurant, catering service, or large event, this appliance ensures efficient and consistent results.

4. Intuitive Interface

Navigate through cooking settings effortlessly using the intuitive interface. The user-friendly controls and pre-programmed cooking modes simplify the cooking process, making it accessible to chefs of all skill levels.

Elevate Your Culinary Mastery

The RATIONAL 10 Tray Electric Combi Steamer is more than an appliance; it’s a gateway to culinary excellence. Whether you’re experimenting with complex recipes or perfecting traditional favorites, this combi steamer empowers you to achieve results that exceed expectations.



Q1: Can this combi steamer handle delicate dishes as well as hearty roasts?

Absolutely. The RATIONAL 10 Tray Electric Combi Steamer offers precise control over temperature and humidity, making it suitable for delicate dishes like sous-vide creations, as well as hearty roasts and more.

Q2: Are the pre-programmed cooking modes customizable?

While the appliance comes with pre-programmed cooking modes, it also allows for manual adjustments to achieve the desired results for your specific recipes.

Q3: Is the combi steamer suitable for commercial kitchens?

Yes, the RATIONAL 10 Tray Electric Combi Steamer is a favorite in professional kitchens, from restaurants to catering services, due to its large capacity and precise cooking capabilities.

Q4: Can I expect consistent results when cooking in large quantities?

Absolutely. The large 10-tray capacity and precision control of the RATIONAL Combi Steamer ensure that you achieve consistent and high-quality results, even when cooking in bulk.

Q5: Is this combi steamer suitable for novice chefs?

Definitely. The intuitive interface and pre-programmed cooking modes of the RATIONAL Combi Steamer make it accessible and user-friendly for chefs of all skill levels, including beginners.


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