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Middleby Marshall PS640G WOW Gas Fired Conveyor Pizza Oven


Middleby Marshall WOW Pizza Oven

113x 12 inch pizzas a hour at a 4 1/2 minute cook time.

Can be stacked 3 ovens high.

Made in USA.

Impingement PLUS! low oven profile and dual air return

Spec sheet: http://www.middleby.com/midmarsh/wow/specs/ps640g.pdf

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Dimensions 1446 × 1943 × 1118 cm
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Product Description

Product Description

Middleby Marshall WOW Pizza Oven

Elevate your pizzeria with the Middleby Marshall PS640G WOW Gas Fired Conveyor Pizza Oven – one of the best conveyor ovens, a powerhouse that can bake 113x 12-inch pizzas per hour with an outstanding 4 1/2 minute cook time. Manufactured in the USA, this oven is designed to deliver goodness in every slice. 

Key Features

1. Unmatched Productivity

Bake up to 113 12-inch pizzas in just an hour, thanks to the remarkable conveyor system that ensures a quick and efficient cooking process.

2. Space Optimization

With the ability to stack three ovens high, this pizza oven optimizes your kitchen space, providing a scalable solution to meet growing demands.

3. Impingement PLUS!

Experience the advantage of the Impingement PLUS! technology, offering a low oven profile and dual air return for consistent and precise cooking results.

4. Crafted in the USA

Quality is paramount, and this pizza oven is proudly made in the USA, ensuring durability and reliability for your business.

5. Price Beat Guarantee

Contact us now, and we will beat any comparable quote! Our commitment to offering the best value ensures you get the most out of your investment.

Ready to take your pizza-making to the next level? Contact our helpful staff now at (03) 9794 8627 or via email at sales@melbournerefrigeration.com.au. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your pizzeria’s efficiency and output with the Middleby Marshall PS640G WOW Gas Fired Conveyor Pizza Oven.




Q1: Can I stack multiple Middleby Marshall PS640G ovens?

Yes, these ovens are designed to be stacked up to three units high, providing excellent space optimization.

Q2: What is Impingement PLUS technology?

Impingement PLUS is a cutting-edge technology that ensures a low oven profile and dual air return, resulting in consistent and precise cooking.

Q3: Is the Middleby Marshall PS640G available for rental?

Absolutely! We offer the Middleby Marshall PS640G for rent at a competitive weekly price. Contact our staff for more details.

Q4: How quickly can the oven cook a pizza?

The Middleby Marshall PS640G boasts a rapid 4 1/2 minute cook time, allowing you to serve delicious pizzas with efficiency.

Q5: Do you offer a Price Beat Guarantee?

Yes, we are committed to providing the best value. Contact us with a comparable quote, and we’ll beat it to ensure you get the most cost-effective solution.

Q6: Is the oven suitable for commercial use?

Certainly! The Middleby Marshall WOW Pizza Oven is designed for commercial settings, offering high-volume pizza production with consistent quality.

Q7: What is the warranty on the Middleby Marshall WOW Pizza Oven?

Please contact our sales team to discuss warranty details and ensure you have comprehensive information based on your specific needs.

Q8: Are there any financing options available for purchasing the oven?

Indeed, we offer flexible financing options. Reach out to our team to explore the financing plans tailored to your requirements.

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