ICS PACIFIC Freezers Nova 6 SSL

Upgrade your freezing game with the ICS PACIFIC Freezers Nova 6 SSL. Built-in Denmark with precision engineering, this freezer blends innovation and sustainability to deliver unmatched performance. Say goodbye to ice build-up headaches and hello to improved energy efficiency with this environmentally responsible refrigeration solution.



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ICS PACIFIC Freezers Nova 6 SSL

  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Improved insulation and heated frame for minimum ice build up
  • Environmentally responsible refrigerant
  • Toughened, powder coated steel walls
  • High load line reduces stock run outs
  • Easy product loading and serving
  • Glass or solid, sliding and lockable lids

4 castors _ 2 lockable

Available with a range of baskets and frames


-16 to -23

3 years parts & labour

Additional information

Weight 71 kg
Dimensions 694 × 1804 × 867 cm



Max Humidity

Suitable for meat and Dairy

Temperature range

Product Description

Superior Design and Build Quality:

The ICS PACIFIC Freezers Nova 6 SSL boasts a design meticulously crafted in Denmark, ensuring exceptional build quality. Its toughened, powder-coated steel walls provide durability and longevity, making it a reliable investment for freezing needs.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency:

Experience significant savings on energy bills with the improved energy efficiency of the Nova 6 SSL. Its advanced design minimizes energy wastage without compromising on performance, making it an eco-conscious choice for businesses.

Reduced Ice Build-Up:

Bid farewell to the hassle of frequent defrosting thanks to the heated frame feature of the Nova 6 SSL. Say hello to uninterrupted operation and minimal downtime, ensuring your products remain perfectly preserved at all times.

Versatile Lid Options:

Choose between glass or solid, sliding, and lockable lids to suit your preferences and requirements. Enjoy easy access to your frozen goods while ensuring security with the Nova 6 SSL’s customizable lid options.

High Load Line for Efficiency:

Maximize storage space and minimize stock run-outs with the high load line feature of the Nova 6 SSL. Keep your inventory well-stocked and organized, optimizing your business operations for seamless efficiency.


Q: Is the Nova 6 SSL freezer environmentally friendly?

Yes, the Nova 6 SSL freezer utilizes an environmentally responsible refrigerant, making it a sustainable choice for businesses.

Q: Can I customize the lid options of the Nova 6 SSL freezer?

Absolutely! You can choose between glass or solid, sliding, and lockable lids to suit your specific preferences and security needs.

Q: How does the Nova 6 SSL freezer prevent ice build-up?

A: The Nova 6 SSL freezer features a heated frame that minimizes ice build-up, ensuring uninterrupted operation and optimal preservation of your frozen goods.

Q: What makes the Nova 6 SSL freezer stand out from its competitors?

The Nova 6 SSL freezer stands out due to its superior design and build quality, enhanced energy efficiency, customizable lid options, and high load line feature for efficient stock management.

Q: Can the Nova 6 SSL freezer accommodate high volumes of frozen goods?

Absolutely! The Nova 6 SSL freezer is equipped with a high load line feature, allowing for efficient storage of large volumes of frozen goods and minimizing stock run-outs.

Q: Is the Nova 6 SSL freezer suitable for commercial use?

Yes, the Nova 6 SSL freezer is ideal for commercial use, whether in restaurants, grocery stores, or other food service establishments. Its durable construction and efficient design make it a reliable choice for businesses of all sizes.

Q: How easy is it to load and serve products with the Nova 6 SSL freezer?

Loading and serving products with the Nova 6 SSL freezer is a breeze, thanks to its easy product loading and serving capabilities. Whether you’re stocking inventory or retrieving items for sale, the Nova 6 SSL ensures convenience and efficiency.

Q: Does the Nova 6 SSL freezer require any special maintenance?

A: While the Nova 6 SSL freezer is built to last with minimal maintenance requirements, regular cleaning and occasional checks on the heating elements are recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Q: Where can I purchase the Nova 6 SSL freezer?

A: The Nova 6 SSL freezer is available for purchase through authorized retailers and distributors. Contact your local supplier or visit our website to find a dealer near you and experience the benefits of this innovative freezing solution firsthand.

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