ICS PACIFIC Freezers Nova 3 SSL

Are you looking to elevate your freezing experience? Introducing the ICS Pacific Freezers Nova 3 SSLmeticulously crafted in Denmark to redefine refrigeration needs. With advanced features designed for energy efficiency, durability, and user convenience, this freezer stands out in its class. Say goodbye to stock run-outs, ice build-up, and environmental concerns, and say hello to superior performance and reliability.



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ICS Pacific Freezers Nova 3 SSL

  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Improved insulation and heated frame for minimum ice build up
  • Environmentally responsible refrigerant
  • Toughened, powder coated steel walls
  • High load line reduces stock run outs
  • Easy product loading and serving
  • Glass or solid, sliding and lockable lids

4 castors _ 2 lockable

Available with a range of baskets and frames


-16 to -23

3 years parts & labour

Additional information

Weight 53 kg
Dimensions 694 × 1094 × 867 cm



Max Humidity

Suitable for meat and Dairy

Temperature range

Product Description

Enhanced Energy Efficiency:

Experience significant savings on energy bills with the improved energy efficiency of the ICS Pacific Freezers Nova 3 SSL. Its cutting-edge design ensures optimal cooling while minimizing power consumption, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for your business.

Superior Insulation and Ice Build-Up Prevention:

With its heated frame and improved insulation, this freezer ensures minimal ice build-up, keeping your products fresh and accessible at all times. Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent defrosting and maintenance, and hello to uninterrupted performance.

Environmentally Responsible Refrigerant:

Embrace sustainability with confidence as the ICS Pacific Freezers Nova 3 SSL uses environmentally responsible refrigerants. Reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying reliable refrigeration, aligning your business with eco-conscious practices.

Durable Construction:

Built to withstand the demands of commercial environments, this freezer features toughened, powder-coated steel walls that ensure longevity and durability. Rest assured, your investment is protected with a freezer that can withstand the rigors of daily use.

Convenient Loading and Serving:

Streamline your operations with the easy product loading and serving capabilities of the ICS Pacific Freezers Nova 3 SSL. Its user-friendly design enhances workflow efficiency, allowing for seamless handling of products and quick access when needed.

Versatile Lid Options:

Choose from glass or solid, sliding, and lockable lids to suit your requirements. Whether you prioritize visibility, security, or versatility, the ICS Pacific Freezers Nova 3 SSL offers customizable options to meet your needs.

Customizable Interior Layout:

Tailor the interior layout of your freezer with a range of baskets and frames available. Optimize storage space and organization according to your preferences, ensuring maximum efficiency and accessibility for your products.


Q: Is the ICS Pacific Freezers Nova 3 SSL suitable for commercial use?

Yes, the ICS Pacific Freezers Nova 3 SSL is designed specifically for commercial environments, offering durability, efficiency, and customizable features to meet the demands of businesses.

Q: Can I customize the interior layout of the freezer?

Absolutely! The ICS Pacific Freezers Nova 3 SSL offers a range of baskets and frames for customizable storage solutions, allowing you to optimize space according to your needs.

Q: How does the freezer prevent ice build-up?

With improved insulation and a heated frame, the ICS Pacific Freezers Nova 3 SSL minimizes ice build-up, ensuring that your products remain fresh and accessible without the need for frequent defrosting.

Q: Is the freezer environmentally friendly?

Yes, the ICS Pacific Freezers Nova 3 SSL uses environmentally responsible refrigerants, reducing its carbon footprint while providing reliable refrigeration solutions.

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