ICS PACIFIC Drink Dispensers PaddleCof 336

Enhance your commercial kitchen with the ICS PACIFIC Drink Dispensers – the perfect addition for a seamless beverage service. Designed in Italy, these dispensers bring simplicity and efficiency to your setup. With features like precise temperature control, a spill-free stainless steel tap, and durable polycarbonate bowls, ICS PACIFIC ensures a hassle-free experience.


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ICS PACIFIC Drink Dispensers PaddleCof 336

* Designed and manufactured in Italy *

Even product temperature * High quality design * Non-drip stainless steel tap, Available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 dispenser bowls * Virtually indestructible polycarbonate bowl and lid * Also available with 18L or 40L bowls

Adjustable within 2 - 10

3 years parts & labour.

Additional information

Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 430 × 600 × 700 cm



Max Humidity

Suitable for meat and Dairy

Temperature range

Product Description

ICS PACIFIC Drink Dispensers

Designed and manufactured in Italy, these dispensers boast cutting-edge features that set them apart from the competition.

Key features:

Italian Craftsmanship

ICS PACIFIC Drink Dispensers are crafted with precision and elegance, reflecting the renowned artistry of Italian craftsmanship.

Temperature Perfection

These dispensers assure a consistent product temperature, guaranteeing a delightful drinking experience for your customers.

Versatile Dispensing Options

Tailor your beverage service with ICS PACIFIC’s dispensers, available with 1, 2, 3, or 4 dispenser bowls. Choose the configuration that suits your needs, whether it’s a small gathering or a bustling event.

Durable Construction

Embrace reliability with the non-drip stainless steel tap and virtually indestructible polycarbonate bowl and lid. ICS PACIFIC Drink Dispensers are built to withstand the demands of commercial use, ensuring longevity and value for your investment.

Size Options

Customize your dispensing capacity with choices of 18L or 40L bowls. ICS PACIFIC adapts to the scale of your operation, providing flexibility and efficiency.

Precision Adjustment

Fine-tune your beverage offerings with an adjustable temperature range of 2 – 10 degrees Celsius. Achieve the perfect serving temperature for a diverse array of drinks.

Warranty Assurance

Enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive 3-year parts and labor warranty. ICS PACIFIC stands behind the quality of its product, offering reliability and support for your business.


Q1: Are ICS PACIFIC Drink Dispensers suitable for commercial use?

Absolutely. These dispensers are designed with durability in mind, making them perfect for commercial settings.

Q2: Can I adjust the temperature of the beverages dispensed?

 Yes, ICS PACIFIC Drink Dispensers come with an adjustable temperature range of 2 – 10 degrees Celsius for precise control.

Q3: What warranty is offered with the dispensers?

ICS PACIFIC provides a comprehensive 3-year parts and labor warranty, ensuring your investment is protected.

Q4: Are replacement parts readily available?

Yes, ICS PACIFIC offers readily available replacement parts, ensuring minimal downtime in case of any issues.

Q5: Can I customize the dispenser configuration based on my needs?

Certainly. ICS PACIFIC offers dispensers with 1, 2, 3, or 4 bowls, allowing you to tailor the configuration to your specific requirements.

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