ICS Pacific Como Four Sided Glass Display Refrigerator

ICS Pacific Como Four Sided Glass Display Refrigerator



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ICS Pacific Como Four Sided Glass Display Refrigerator:

  • Available in black or white
  • Brilliant full length internal LED illumination on all 4 sides
  • Electronic temperature control and display
  • Illuminated front base panel ideal for advertising
  • Curved glass lockable door
  • 5 adjustable chrome shelves plus base
  • Digital thermostat/temperature display
  • Automatic defrost
  • Ventilated cooling system
  • Fitted with wheels - two lockable
  • Suitable anywhere that refrigerated products demand to be sold
  • 280L capacity
  • 2 degrees celsius to 10 degrees celsius
  • @32 degrees celsius ambient temp
  • 60% humidity

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Dimensions 490 × 520 × 1890 cm
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Product Description

ICS Pacific Como Four Sided Glass Display Refrigerator:

Introducing the ICS Pacific Como Four-Sided Glass Display Refrigerator, a stylish and functional solution to showcase refrigerated products with elegance. Available in sleek black or pristine white, this refrigerator is designed to capture attention and enhance your display aesthetics.

Key Features

1. Brilliant Internal Illumination

Experience stunning product visibility with full-length internal LED illumination on all four sides. Your products will shine, attracting customers with their freshness and appeal.

2. Electronic Temperature Control and Display

Take control of the refrigeration environment with precision using the electronic temperature control and display. Ensure optimal conditions to keep your products at their best.

3. Illuminated Front Base Panel

The illuminated front base panel is an ideal advertising space, allowing you to showcase promotions, branding, or product information to captivate your customers.

4. Curved Glass Lockable Door

Security meets sophistication with the curved glass lockable door. Protect your products while providing customers with an unobstructed view of the tempting offerings inside.

5. Adjustable Chrome Shelves

Customize the layout to suit your merchandise with five adjustable chrome shelves plus a base. Versatility is key, accommodating products of various shapes and sizes.

6. Digital Thermostat/ Temperature Display

Stay in control and monitor the refrigerator’s temperature with the digital thermostat and temperature display, ensuring a consistent and optimal storage environment.

7. Automatic Defrost

Enjoy hassle-free maintenance with the automatic defrost feature, keeping the refrigerator operating efficiently without the need for manual intervention.

8. Ventilated Cooling System

Ensure uniform cooling across all shelves with the ventilated cooling system, preserving the quality and freshness of your refrigerated products.

9. Mobility with Lockable Wheels

Effortlessly move and position the refrigerator with the fitted wheels, two of which are lockable for stability and security.

10. Versatile Application

Suitable for any setting where refrigerated products demand to be sold, the ICS Pacific Como Refrigerator is perfect for supermarkets, convenience stores, delis, and more.

Elevate your merchandising experience with the ICS Pacific Como Four-Sided Glass Display Refrigerator. Create an enticing display that not only preserves the freshness of your products but also enhances their visual appeal. Contact our helpful staff at Melbourne Refrigeration now at (03) 9794 8627 or via email at sales@melbournerefrigeration.com.au



1. Can I customize the internal lighting?

Yes, the refrigerator comes with brilliant full-length internal LED illumination on all four sides, providing excellent visibility for your products.

2. Is the temperature control easy to use?

The electronic temperature control and display make it simple to set and monitor the desired temperature range for your merchandise.

3. How secure is the refrigerator?

The refrigerator features a lockable curved glass door, ensuring the security of your products while still allowing easy access for authorized personnel.

4. Can I move the refrigerator easily?

Yes, the refrigerator is fitted with wheels, including two lockable ones, providing convenient mobility and flexibility in placement.

5. How much storage capacity does it offer?

The ICS Pacific Como Glass Display Refrigerator has a spacious 280L capacity, allowing you to showcase a variety of refrigerated products effectively.

6. Is the cooling system efficient?

Yes, with automatic defrost and a ventilated cooling system, the refrigerator ensures consistent and efficient cooling performance for your products.

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