Hobart HL200-7STDA 20 Quart Legacy Mixer

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Hobart HL200-7STDA 20 Quart Legacy Mixer



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Hobart Legacy Mixer – HL200-7STDA

20 quart electronic planetary mixer

  • 20 quart bowl size
  • Stainless steel easy-on-easy-off bowl safety guard
  • Gear transmission
  • 3 speed, plus stir speed electronic control mixer with Shift-On-The-Fly™ speed selection
  • Quick release agitators
  • Patented soft start agitation technology
  • 15 minute start timer
  • Automatic time recall
  • Large easy-to-reach controls
  • Single point bowl installation
  • Ergonomic swing-out bowl
  • No. 12 attachment hub
  • Easy-clean open base
  • Optional accessories
  • Also available in HL300, HL400, HL600, HL800 and HL1400 models

Additional information

Weight 127 kg
Dimensions 580 × 420 × 740 cm
New or used equipment

Product Description

Product Description

In the realm of culinary excellence, the Hobart HL200-7STDA 20 Quart Legacy Mixer stands as a pinnacle of innovation and efficiency. This professional-grade mixer is engineered to empower your kitchen, offering a seamless blend of advanced features and robust design. Unleash your culinary creativity and outperform the competition with the Hobart HL200-7STDA.

Key Features:

1. 20 Quart Bowl Size:

Elevate your productivity with the spacious 20-quart bowl size, providing ample room for large batches of dough, batter, or other culinary creations.

2. Stainless Steel Easy-on-Easy-off Bowl Safety Guard:

Ensuring both safety and convenience, the stainless steel bowl safety guard guarantees easy attachment and detachment, allowing for a smooth workflow.

3. Gear Transmission:

Experience unmatched durability and reliability with the gear transmission system, delivering consistent and powerful performance for all your mixing needs.

4. 3 Speeds + Stir Speed Electronic Control:

Take control of your mixing process with the 3-speed electronic control, including a stir speed option, and the innovative Shift-On-The-Fly™ speed selection for seamless adjustments.

5. Quick Release Agitators:

Streamline your operation with quick-release agitators, facilitating swift changes and ensuring efficiency in handling various mixing tasks.

6. Patented Soft Start Agitation Technology:

Enjoy precision and finesse in mixing, thanks to the patented soft start agitation technology, preventing splatters and ensuring a smooth start to every mixing session.

7. 15 Minute Start Timer:

Enhance your time management with the 15-minute start timer, allowing for precise control and scheduling in your busy kitchen environment.

8. Automatic Time Recall:

Never lose track of your recipes with the automatic time recall feature, making repetitive tasks a breeze by recalling your preferred mixing durations.

9. Large Easy-to-Reach Controls:

Navigate effortlessly through your mixer’s settings with large, user-friendly controls designed for accessibility and ease of use.

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Q: What makes the Hobart HL200-7STDA different from other mixers?

A: The HL200-7STDA stands out with its 20-quart bowl size, gear transmission, and patented soft start agitation, ensuring superior performance and control.

Q: Can I use attachments with this mixer?

A: Absolutely! The No. 12 attachment hub allows for a variety of optional accessories, expanding your mixer’s capabilities to suit different culinary tasks.

Q: Is the mixer easy to clean?

A: Yes, the easy-clean open base design simplifies the cleaning process, maintaining a hygienic kitchen environment effortlessly.

Q: How does the automatic time recall feature work?

A: The mixer’s automatic time recall ensures that your preferred mixing durations are saved, streamlining repetitive tasks and enhancing time management.

Q: Is the HL200-7STDA suitable for commercial kitchens?

A: Certainly! With its robust design and various model options, including HL300, HL400, HL600, HL800, and HL1400, it caters to a range of kitchen demands, from small-scale to large-scale operations.

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