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In the dynamic realm of hospitality and food services, being efficient is crucial, and the Hobart Ecomax602 Passthrough Dishwasher shines as the epitome of streamlined dishwashing solutions. Its user-friendly electronic controls, offering two versatile cycles (75 & 150 seconds), along with innovative features, guarantee not just cleanliness but a truly smooth dishwashing experience.



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Hobart Ecomax602 Passthrough Dish washer

  • easy to use electronic controls with 2 cycles 75 & 150 seconds electronic temperature gauges
    usable chamber height of 440mm
    low 2.9 litres per cycle rinse volume
    self cleaning cycle
    wide angle fan nozzle to maximise wash & rinse performance
    wash pump inlet strainer
    watermark approved.
    15A 240V power
  • unit dimensions: 713mm W x 821mm D x 1960mm H

Visit our shop for more options: Melbourne Refrigeration

Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 713 × 821 × 2000 cm

Product Description

Hobart Ecomax602 Passthrough Dish washer

In the fast-paced world of hospitality and food services, efficiency is key, and the Hobart Ecomax602 Passthrough Dish washer stands out as the ideal of streamlined dishwashing solutions. 

With its user-friendly electronic controls, two versatile cycles (75 & 150 seconds), and innovative features, this dishwasher ensures not just cleanliness but a seamless dishwashing experience. 

Key Features

Electronic Controls with 2 Cycles

The easy-to-use electronic controls offer two cycles (75 & 150 seconds), letting flexibility based on the load and level of cleaning required. Whether it’s a quick turnaround during peak hours or a thorough wash for heavily soiled dishes, this dishwasher has you covered.

Electronic Temperature Gauges

Precision is paramount, and the electronic temperature gauges guarantee that your dishes are cleaned at the optimal temperature, guaranteeing hygiene and cleanliness.

Usable Chamber Height

With a generous usable chamber height of 440mm, the Hobart Ecomax602 accommodates a variety of dish sizes and designs, providing versatility for different kitchen needs.

Low Rinse Volume

Efficiency meets sustainability with a low 2.9 liters per cycle rinse volume, ensuring that water usage is minimized without reducing the quality of the wash.

Self-Cleaning Cycle

Maintain peak performance effortlessly with the self-cleaning cycle, saving time and effort on manual cleaning and ensuring the longevity of the dishwasher.

Wide Angle Fan Nozzle

Maximize wash and rinse performance with the wide-angle fan nozzle, reaching every corner of your dishes for a thorough and consistent clean.

Wash Pump Inlet Strainer

Built-in protection ensures the longevity of the wash pump, preventing debris from causing damage and maintaining the dishwasher’s efficiency.

Watermark Approved

Rest easy knowing that the Hobart Ecomax602 is Watermark-approved, meeting the highest standards for water efficiency and quality.

Power and Dimensions

Operate with ease using 15A 240V power, and fit the dishwasher seamlessly into your kitchen with dimensions of 713mm W x 821mm D x 1960mm H.


Q1: What is the power requirement for the Hobart Ecomax602?

The Hobart Ecomax602 functions on 15A 240V power, ensuring compatibility with commercial kitchen setups.

Q2: Can the dishwasher accommodate larger dishes?

Yes, with a usable chamber height of 440mm, the Hobart Ecomax602 is designed to accommodate many dish sizes and configurations.

Q3: How often does the self-cleaning cycle need to be activated?

The self-cleaning cycle is designed to be efficient, and the frequency of activation depends on usage. For optimal performance, it is recommended to run the self-cleaning cycle regularly, especially in high-usage scenarios.

Q4: Is the Hobart Ecomax602 suitable for water-conscious establishments?

With a low 2.9 liters per cycle rinse volume and Watermark approval, the Hobart Ecomax602 combines efficiency with water sustainability.

Q5: Can the dishwasher handle heavily soiled dishes?

Certainly, the Hobart Ecomax602 offers two cycles (75 & 150 seconds) to cater to varying levels of soiling, ensuring a thorough clean for all types of dishes.

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