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- Australian made
- single phase 15 amp
- 500 x 500 basket
- electronic temp
- 3 months warranty
Unit dimensions: 610mm w x 680mm d x 1380mm h

Product Description

Enhance Your Kitchen Efficiency with the Eswood Passthrough Dishwasher


Upgrade your kitchen operations to a new level of efficiency and cleanliness with the Eswood Passthrough Dishwasher. Designed to handle the demands of busy commercial kitchens, this dishwasher combines innovative technology with user-friendly features to ensure sparkling clean dishes and streamlined workflows.

Exceptional Features

1. Passthrough Convenience

The Eswood Passthrough Dishwasher is designed for seamless integration into your kitchen setup. Its passthrough design allows dishes to be loaded on one side and unloaded from the other, optimizing the flow of dirty and clean dishes for maximum efficiency.

2. Superior Cleaning Performance

Say goodbye to stubborn residues. The Eswood Dishwasher boasts superior cleaning performance, featuring powerful jets and high-temperature wash cycles that remove grease, stains, and food particles to deliver spotless results.

3. User-Friendly Controls

Simplify your operations. The dishwasher comes equipped with user-friendly controls that allow your staff to select the appropriate wash cycles, ensuring consistent and thorough cleaning for different types of dishes.

4. Energy and Water Efficiency

Contribute to a greener kitchen. The Eswood Passthrough Dishwasher is engineered for energy and water efficiency, minimizing consumption while delivering exceptional cleaning results, ultimately reducing operational costs.



Q: How does the passthrough design enhance kitchen efficiency? A: The passthrough design of the Eswood Dishwasher optimizes the flow of dishes, allowing for seamless loading and unloading, ultimately streamlining your kitchen operations.

Q: Can I trust the cleaning performance of this dishwasher? A: Absolutely. The Eswood Dishwasher is designed for superior cleaning performance, utilizing powerful jets and high-temperature wash cycles to ensure spotless results.

Q: Are the controls easy for my staff to use? A: Yes, the dishwasher comes with user-friendly controls that make selecting the appropriate wash cycles and operating the machine simple and intuitive.

Q: How does this dishwasher contribute to energy efficiency? A: The Eswood Passthrough Dishwasher is engineered for energy efficiency, using advanced technology to minimize energy consumption while delivering exceptional cleaning results.

Q: Is the dishwasher suitable for large-volume cleaning? A: Yes, the Eswood Dishwasher is designed to handle the demands of busy commercial kitchens, making it suitable for large-volume dishwashing operations.

Q: Can I expect reduced water consumption with this dishwasher? A: Absolutely. The dishwasher’s advanced technology and efficient design contribute to reduced water consumption, promoting environmentally friendly kitchen operations.

Q: Does the dishwasher offer multiple wash cycles? A: Yes, the Eswood Dishwasher comes with multiple wash cycle options, allowing you to choose the appropriate cycle for different types of dishes and levels of soiling.

Q: Can I receive assistance with installation and training? A: Certainly. We provide installation assistance and training to ensure that your staff is comfortable with operating and maintaining the Eswood Passthrough Dishwasher.

Q: Is this dishwasher suitable for different types of dishes? A: Yes, the dishwasher’s high-performance cleaning technology is designed to handle various types of dishes, from plates and glasses to pots and pans.

Q: What’s the warranty period for this dishwasher? A: We offer a [insert duration] warranty for the Eswood Passthrough Dishwasher, ensuring your confidence in its quality and performance.


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