Electrolux 10 Tray Blast Chiller

$10,935.00 (with gst $12,028.50)

Electrolux RBF101 Crosswise 10 Tray Blast Chiller

Designed solely for rapid reduction in food temperature, the Crosswise Blast Chiller / Freezer features five operating modes.

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  • Blast Chilling cycle: 32kg from 90°C up to 3°C in less than 90 minutes.
  • Blast Freezing cycle: 28 kg from 900°C up to -180°C in less than 240 min.
  • Soft Chilling (air temperature 0°C).
  • Hard Chilling (air temperature -20°C).
  • Holding at 3°C for chilling or -18°C for freezing, automatically activated at the end of each cycle, to save energy and maintain the target temperature.
  • Turbo cooling: chiller works continuously at the desired temperature; ideal for continuous production.
  • Control unit provides two large displays to readout.
  • Two customizable cycles (P1 & P2) for each operating mode.
  • Single sensor core probe as standard.
  • Performance guaranteed at ambient temperatures of 32°C.



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Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 760 × 760 × 1640 cm
New or used equipment

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