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MODEL: 1960
- European made
- square profile
- all stainless steel internals
- LED lights
- under cabinet storage
- 3 months warranty
1960mm W x 1180mm D x 1200mm H

Product Description

CRIOCABIN 1960mm Display Fridge: Showcasing Elegance and Excellence


Experience the perfect blend of elegance and functionality with the CRIOCABIN 1960mm Display Fridge. This exquisite display fridge is designed to elevate your product presentation while ensuring optimal cooling for your merchandise, making it an ideal choice for businesses that prioritize both aesthetics and performance.

Key Features

1. Stunning Display

With its expansive glass front, the CRIOCABIN 1960mm Display Fridge offers an unobstructed view of your products. Showcase your items with sophistication and draw customers in with an enticing visual display.

2. Temperature Control

Maintain the ideal temperature for your products with precision temperature control. This feature ensures that your items are kept at their freshest, enhancing their quality and visual appeal.

3. Spacious Interior

With its generous dimensions, this display fridge provides ample space to arrange and display a variety of products, from delectable desserts to refreshing beverages, allowing you to cater to a diverse range of customer preferences.

4. Energy-Efficient LED Lighting

Illuminate your products beautifully with energy-efficient LED lighting. The interior lighting not only enhances visibility but also adds a touch of elegance to your display.

Elevate Your Display

Transform your business environment with the CRIOCABIN 1960mm Display Fridge. Whether you’re a bakery, cafe, or retail store, this fridge elevates your product presentation, enticing customers and creating a visual experience that leaves a lasting impression.



Q1: Is this display fridge suitable for different types of products?

Absolutely. The CRIOCABIN 1960mm Display Fridge is designed to cater to a wide range of products, making it suitable for businesses such as bakeries, cafes, and retail stores that wish to showcase a diverse assortment of items.

Q2: Can I adjust the temperature based on the products I’m displaying?

Yes, the display fridge comes equipped with a precise temperature control system that allows you to adjust and maintain the perfect temperature for the specific items you’re showcasing.

Q3: Can the interior lighting be customized?

While the LED lighting color isn’t customizable, it’s designed to enhance the visibility and visual appeal of your displayed items, creating an attractive presentation for customers.

Q4: Is this display fridge suitable for smaller businesses?

Yes, the CRIOCABIN 1960mm Display Fridge is designed to enhance the product presentation of businesses of various sizes, allowing smaller establishments to create an impactful and visually engaging display.

Q5: Can this display fridge be placed against a wall?

Yes, the design of the CRIOCABIN 1960mm Display Fridge allows it to be placed against a wall, maximizing your floor space while ensuring an elegant and functional display.


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