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Explore the BROMIC 4 door Underbar Fridge, a commercial underbar fridge offering precision with electronic temperature control, adjustable racks, and ready-to-install convenience. Elevate your business with this efficient and warranty-backed refrigeration solution.

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BROMIC 4 Door Underbar Fridge

Model: UBC2230SD
- 4 solid door
- electronic temp control
- adjustable racks
- serviced Ready to install
- 1 month warranty
2230mm W x 700mm D x 850mm H

Product Description

Product Description

Revolutionize your refrigeration game with the BROMIC 4 Door Underbar Fridge – Model UBC2230SD. Designed to perfection, this fridge stands as the epitome of excellence in the world of cooling solutions. From electronic temperature control to adjustable racks, this appliance redefines convenience and reliability. Let’s delve into the features that set it apart.

Key Features:

  1. Four Solid Doors:
    • Ensure maximum insulation and efficiency for preserving your perishables.
  2. Electronic Temperature Control:
    • Achieve optimal cooling precision with the touch of a button. Say goodbye to guesswork!
  3. Adjustable Racks:
    • Customize the interior layout to suit your storage needs. Flexibility at its finest!
  4. Serviced and Ready to Install:
    • Hassle-free setup with our expert servicing, ensuring your fridge is in prime condition upon delivery.
  5. One-Month Warranty:
    • Enjoy peace of mind with our generous one-month warranty, a testament to the durability of our product.
  6. Spacious Dimensions:
    • With dimensions of 2230mm W x 700mm D x 850mm H, this fridge offers ample space without compromising on style.

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1. Is the BROMIC 4 Door Underbar Fridge suitable for commercial use?

  • Absolutely! Designed for commercial spaces, this fridge is perfect for restaurants, bars, and more.

2. Can I adjust the internal layout of the fridge?

  • Yes, the adjustable racks allow you to customize the interior to accommodate items of various sizes.

3. How does the electronic temperature control work?

  • The electronic temperature control system allows you to set and maintain the desired temperature effortlessly, ensuring optimal freshness.

4. What does the one-month warranty cover?

  • The warranty covers any manufacturing defects or issues that may arise during normal usage within the first month of purchase.

5. Is the fridge delivered ready to use?

  • Yes, our fridge is serviced and ready to install upon delivery, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers.

6. What are the dimensions of the BROMIC UBC2230SD?

  • The fridge has dimensions of 2230mm in width, 700mm in depth, and 850mm in height.

7. Can the BROMIC UBC2230SD be used in tight spaces?

  • Yes, the underbar design makes it space-efficient, perfect for tight or limited spaces in commercial settings.

8. How energy-efficient is the electronic temperature control system?

  • The electronic temperature control system is designed for energy efficiency, ensuring precise cooling without unnecessary power consumption.

9. Can I purchase additional warranty coverage?

  • Yes, extended warranty options are available for purchase to provide additional coverage beyond the initial one-month period.

10. Are replacement parts readily available?

  • Yes, we offer readily available replacement parts and a dedicated customer support team to assist with any maintenance or service needs.


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