$2,600.00 (with gst $2,860.00)



- heated glass door
- new danfoss compressor
- heated defrost
- - 18 to - 22 degree operating temp
- 500 litre capacity
635mm W x730mm D x 2055mm H

Product Description

BROMIC 1 DOOR DISPLAY FREEZER: Elevate Your Cooling Experience


Are you in search of the ultimate solution for your commercial refrigeration needs? Look no further than the BROMIC 1 Door Display Freezer. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, this freezer is the pinnacle of cooling innovation, ensuring your products remain perfectly chilled while also capturing the attention of your customers.

Unparalleled Features

1. Advanced Temperature Control

Say goodbye to inconsistent temperatures. The BROMIC 1 Door Display Freezer boasts advanced temperature control technology, maintaining a precise and stable environment for your products. This ensures the longevity of your goods and minimizes wastage.

2. Energy Efficiency at Its Best

Running a commercial establishment comes with high energy costs. Our freezer is designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping you save on operational expenses without compromising on performance.

3. Captivating LED Lighting

Illuminate your products in the most appealing way possible. The built-in LED lighting enhances visibility, making your items more attractive and enticing to customers, thereby boosting sales.

4. Ample Storage Capacity

Don’t compromise on space. The BROMIC freezer provides ample storage capacity while optimizing your floor space. Its clever shelving design allows for organized storage, making it effortless to find and retrieve items.



Q: How does the advanced temperature control work? A: The advanced temperature control technology ensures a consistent and precise internal temperature, preserving the quality and freshness of your products.

Q: Can I save on energy costs with this freezer? A: Absolutely! The BROMIC 1 Door Display Freezer is designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping you cut down on operational expenses.

Q: Is the LED lighting customizable? A: While the LED lighting isn’t customizable, it’s thoughtfully designed to enhance product visibility and attract customers effectively.

Q: What’s the storage capacity of this freezer? A: The BROMIC freezer offers ample storage capacity without taking up excessive floor space, thanks to its optimized shelving design.

Q: Is this freezer suitable for small businesses? A: Certainly! The BROMIC 1 Door Display Freezer is an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes, offering efficient cooling and space-saving features.

Q: How easy is it to clean and maintain the freezer? A: Maintenance is a breeze. The freezer’s design incorporates easy-to-clean materials and components, making upkeep hassle-free.

Q: Can I use this freezer to display various products? A: Yes, indeed. Whether you’re storing frozen foods or showcasing beverages, the BROMIC freezer’s versatile design caters to a wide range of products.

Q: Does the freezer come with a warranty? A: Absolutely. We offer a [insert duration] warranty period, ensuring your peace of mind and confidence in the product’s quality.

Q: Can I get assistance with installation and setup? A: Of course! Our customer support team is available to provide guidance and assistance throughout the installation process.

Q: How does the BROMIC freezer contribute to increased sales? A: The captivating LED lighting and sleek design of the freezer attract customers’ attention, leading to enhanced product visibility and ultimately boosting sales.


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