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- 4 high output open burners
- gas operation
- static oven
- OVEN adjustable 100 degree c to 275 degree c
- stainless steel.
- 3 months warranty
Unit dimensions: 600mm w x 800mm d x 900mm h

Product Description

Unleash Culinary Excellence with the Blue Seal 4 Burner Oven Range
Elevate your cooking prowess to new heights with the Blue Seal 4 Burner Oven Range. Designed for professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts, this oven range combines powerful burners and a spacious oven to empower you with the tools you need to create exceptional dishes that impress and delight.

Exceptional Features
1. Four High-Performance Burners
The Blue Seal Oven Range boasts four high-performance burners that deliver precise and adjustable heat levels. From delicate simmering to high-heat searing, these burners provide the versatility required to execute a wide range of cooking techniques flawlessly.

2. Spacious Oven
Take your culinary creations to the next level with the spacious oven. Whether you’re baking, roasting, or broiling, the oven provides ample space and even heat distribution to ensure consistent and mouthwatering results every time.

3. Robust Construction
Built for durability and reliability, the Blue Seal 4 Burner Oven Range features robust construction using high-quality materials. It’s designed to withstand the demands of busy kitchens while delivering consistent performance.

4. User-Friendly Controls
Simplify your cooking experience. The oven range comes equipped with user-friendly controls that allow you to easily adjust burner settings and oven temperature, giving you full control over your culinary creations.



Q: How does the oven range enhance my cooking versatility? A: The four high-performance burners and spacious oven of the Blue Seal Oven Range provide you with the versatility to execute a wide range of cooking techniques, from simmering to roasting.

Q: Can I achieve consistent results with the oven’s even heat distribution? A: Absolutely. The spacious oven ensures even heat distribution, allowing you to achieve consistent and delicious results whether you’re baking or roasting.

Q: Is the oven range suitable for professional kitchens? A: Yes, the Blue Seal 4 Burner Oven Range is designed for professional kitchens, offering durability, performance, and the features needed to create exceptional dishes.

Q: How does the robust construction benefit busy kitchens? A: The robust construction of the oven range ensures durability and reliability, making it capable of withstanding the demands of busy kitchens while maintaining consistent performance.

Q: Are the controls easy to use for my culinary team? A: Yes, the oven range comes with user-friendly controls that make adjusting burner settings and oven temperature intuitive and straightforward.

Q: Can I expect precise heat control with the burners? A: Absolutely. The high-performance burners of the Blue Seal Oven Range offer precise and adjustable heat control, allowing you to achieve the perfect cooking results.

Q: Is the oven suitable for baking as well as roasting? A: Yes, the spacious oven is designed for both baking and roasting, providing the ideal environment for creating a variety of culinary masterpieces.

Q: Can I receive assistance with installation and training? A: Certainly. We provide installation assistance and training to ensure that you and your culinary team are comfortable with operating and maintaining the Blue Seal 4 Burner Oven Range.

Q: How does this oven range contribute to culinary excellence? A: The combination of versatile burners and a spacious oven empowers you to execute a wide range of cooking techniques with precision, leading to exceptional culinary creations.

Q: What’s the warranty period for the oven range? A: We offer a [insert duration] warranty for the Blue Seal 4 Burner Oven Range, ensuring your confidence in its quality and performance.


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