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MODEL: 500-2D
- American made
- gastronorm pan conpatible
- gentle radiant halo heat
- stackable
- tested serviced ready to use
- 3 months warranty
624mm W x 657mm D x 480mm H

Product Description

Elevate Your Food Holding Experience with the Alto-Shaam 2 Drawer Warmer


Maintain the deliciousness and warmth of your culinary creations with the Alto-Shaam 2 Drawer Warmer. Designed for chefs who demand excellence in food holding, this warmer combines advanced technology with user-friendly features to ensure your dishes are served at the perfect temperature and flavor.

Exceptional Features

1. Precise Temperature Control

Experience precision like never before. The Alto-Shaam 2 Drawer Warmer allows you to precisely control the temperature of each drawer, ensuring that your dishes are held at the ideal temperature for serving without compromising their quality.

2. Versatile Holding Capacity

Whether it’s appetizers, entrees, or sides, this warmer offers versatile holding capacity. The two drawers provide ample space to hold a variety of dishes simultaneously, allowing you to effortlessly manage multiple food items.

3. Humidity Management

Say goodbye to drying out dishes. The Alto-Shaam Warmer features humidity management technology that keeps your food moist and flavorful, even during extended holding periods.

4. User-Friendly Interface

Simplify your kitchen operations. The user-friendly interface of the warmer makes it easy to set and adjust temperature settings, allowing you to focus on delivering impeccable dishes to your customers.



Q: How does precise temperature control benefit food holding? A: Precise temperature control ensures that your dishes are held at the ideal serving temperature, preserving their flavor, texture, and overall quality.

Q: Can I hold a variety of dishes in this warmer simultaneously? A: Absolutely. The two drawers of the Alto-Shaam Warmer provide versatile holding capacity, allowing you to manage and serve a variety of dishes simultaneously.

Q: How does humidity management technology work? A: The humidity management technology in the warmer maintains the moisture levels in your dishes, preventing them from drying out during extended holding periods.

Q: Is the user interface easy to use for my kitchen staff? A: Yes, the user-friendly interface of the warmer makes it simple to set and adjust temperature settings, ensuring seamless operations in the kitchen.

Q: Can I trust the warmer to keep my dishes at the right temperature? A: Absolutely. The Alto-Shaam 2 Drawer Warmer’s precise temperature control technology ensures that your dishes are held at the optimal temperature for serving.

Q: Can I hold dishes for a long time without compromising quality? A: Yes, the combination of precise temperature control and humidity management technology allows you to hold dishes for extended periods while maintaining their quality.

Q: Is this warmer suitable for both large and small food establishments? A: Yes, the Alto-Shaam 2 Drawer Warmer is versatile and suitable for a range of food establishments, from large restaurants to smaller cafes.

Q: Can I use this warmer for various types of dishes? A: Certainly. The versatile holding capacity and precise temperature control make the warmer suitable for holding a wide range of dishes, from appetizers to main courses.

Q: Can I receive support for installation and training? A: Yes, we provide installation assistance and training to ensure that your staff is comfortable with operating and maximizing the benefits of the Alto-Shaam 2 Drawer Warmer.

Q: What’s the warranty period for the warmer? A: We offer a [insert duration] warranty for the Alto-Shaam 2 Drawer Warmer, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in its quality.


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