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Enhance Your Kitchen Efficiency with the Williams Jade One Door Sandwich Counter

The Williams Jade Sandwich Preparation Counter Model HJ1SCBA is a high-quality Australian made, durable unit designed for efficient sandwich preparation. It features a spacious, refrigerated countertop to keep ingredients fresh, with multiple compartments for organized storage. The heavy duty construction ensures easy cleaning and long-lasting use, making it ideal for busy commercial kitchens.

Williams Jade 1 Door Sandwich Counter

Sandwich and Preparation Display one door Counter with Canopy and Blown Air Well

  • Energy saving CoolSmart controller ensures accurate temperature control
  • High ambient rating for hard working environments
  • Refrigerated blown air over and under all pans
  • Polycarbonate sliding lids over blown air well
  • Fully enclosed well under pans - prevents food dropping into cabinet
  • Supplied with 10mm thick polypropylene cutting board
  • Removable cassette refrigeration system for easy servicing
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty


Additional information

Weight160 kg
Dimensions115.2 × 77.1 × 84.5 cm

Product Description

Williams Jade 1 Door Sandwich Counter: Ultimate Efficiency for Professional Kitchens

Introducing the Williams Jade One Door Sandwich Counter – the epitome of efficiency and functionality for any professional kitchen. Designed with energy-saving features and built to withstand hard-working environments, this sandwich and preparation counter is the perfect addition to enhance your kitchen operations. Equipped with a canopy and blown air well, it ensures optimal temperature control and food safety, making it a top choice for chefs and restaurant owners.

Energy-Efficient CoolSmart Controller

The Williams Jade One Door Sandwich Counter is equipped with an energy-saving CoolSmart controller that guarantees precise temperature regulation. This innovative feature not only keeps your ingredients fresh but also reduces energy consumption, saving you money on utility bills.

High Ambient Rating

Built for the busiest of kitchens, this sandwich counter boasts a high ambient rating, ensuring it performs efficiently even in the most demanding environments. You can rely on its robust design to maintain consistent refrigeration, regardless of the kitchen’s temperature.

Refrigerated Blown Air System

The refrigerated blown air system ensures even cooling over and under all pans, keeping your ingredients at the perfect temperature. This advanced cooling technology prevents hot spots and maintains uniformity, essential for food safety and quality.

Polycarbonate Sliding Lids

Featuring polycarbonate sliding lids over the blown air well, this counter prevents food from dropping into the cabinet. The durable lids are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring hygiene and convenience in your kitchen operations.

Fully Enclosed Well

The fully enclosed well under the pans is designed to prevent food spillage into the cabinet. This feature enhances cleanliness and minimizes the risk of contamination, making it easier to keep your workspace tidy.

10mm Thick Polypropylene Cutting Board

Included with the sandwich counter is a 10mm thick polypropylene cutting board, providing a sturdy and hygienic surface for food preparation. This high-quality board is durable and easy to clean, ensuring it meets the rigorous demands of a professional kitchen.

Removable Cassette Refrigeration System

Servicing and maintenance are simplified with the removable cassette refrigeration system. This design allows for easy access and replacement, minimizing downtime and ensuring your counter remains in optimal working condition.

2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

For added peace of mind, the Williams Jade One Door Sandwich Counter comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. This comprehensive coverage ensures you are protected against any defects or issues, allowing you to invest with confidence.


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