Welcome to the pinnacle of refrigeration technology with our Model BME1200N-A refrigerator. Crafted in New Zealand, this energy-efficient marvel is designed to elevate your cooling experience. Unveil the perfect blend of style, functionality, and sustainability with adjustable shelves, LED lights, electronic temperature control, and a robust 10A 240V power system. Dive into a world of freshness backed by a solid 1-year warranty. Outperforming the competition, this refrigerator is your gateway to superior cooling solutions.

1. Unmatched Energy Efficiency SKOPE 2 DOOR DISPLAY FRIDGE:

Elevate your sustainability game with the BME1200N-A's energy-efficient design. Engineered to minimize power consumption without compromising performance, this refrigerator is a testament to eco-friendly innovation.

2. Customizable Storage with Adjustable Shelves SKOPE 2 DOOR DISPLAY FRIDGE:

Tailor your refrigeration space to your needs with easily adjustable shelves. Accommodate varying item sizes effortlessly, optimizing every inch of the 1270mm width, 745mm depth, and 2000mm height.

3. Brilliant Illumination with LED Lights SKOPE 2 DOOR DISPLAY FRIDGE:

Illuminate your fresh produce and beverages with energy-efficient LED lights. Enjoy enhanced visibility and a touch of modern elegance every time you open the door.

4. Precision at Your Fingertips - Electronic Temperature Control:

Take control of your cooling environment with the electronic temperature control feature. Achieve the perfect temperature for your perishables with precision and ease.

5. Robust 10A 240V Power SKOPE 2 DOOR DISPLAY FRIDGE:

Experience uninterrupted cooling performance with a robust 10A 240V power system. Trust in the reliability of this refrigerator to meet the demands of your household or business.

6. Warranty AssuranceSKOPE 2 DOOR DISPLAY FRIDGE:

Rest easy with our 1-year warranty. We stand by the quality and durability of the BME1200N-A, ensuring peace of mind and customer satisfaction

Model: BME1200N-A
- new Zealand made
- energy efficient
- adjustable shelves
- LED lights
- electronic temp control
- 10A 240V power
- 1 year warranty warranty
1270mm W x 745mm D x 2000mm H


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