The EASY series, sold by Melbourne Refrigeration and Catering Equipment, features stainless steel construction with a 20-liter double-wall tank and an electric pump for automatic emptying. Easily cleanable with dismountable inner components, these dishwashers offer dual washing cycles of 75 and 180 seconds, controlled via electromechanical buttons with safety features like a micro-switch. Equipped with stainless steel AISI 304L tank and boiler, sheathed heating elements with thermostatic protection, and a hydraulic dispenser pump for rinse aid. The EASY series hood-type pass-through dishwasher, like the EASY90 model, complies with EC standards and comes with one flat dishwasher rack, one plate peg rack, and two cutlery baskets, along with rinse aid and detergent dispenser pumps.

'-Potential for up to 360-540 plates per hour

-3 Phase Power - Plug and cable NOT Included

-Stainless Steel Construction

-Includes rinse aid and detergent dispenser pumps.

-1 x flat rack + 1 x plate peg rach + 1 x cutlery baskets

-Ultra Durable high-quality washing arms

-Easy to operate, easy to clean

-Safe and ergonomic design

-Rinse cycle temperature 85°C / Wash - cycle temperature 60°C

2 year parts and labour warranty

Additional information

Weight90 kg
Dimensions63.5 × 73.5 × 146 cm


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