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Introducing the Anvil Slicer Model MSA3220 by Melbourne Refrigeration:

Slice with precision and efficiency using the Anvil Slicer Model MSA3220 by Melbourne Refrigeration. This high-quality slicer is designed to deliver consistent and uniform slices of meat, cheese, and more, making it an essential tool for any professional kitchen or deli.

Key Features:
1. **Powerful Performance**: Equipped with a robust motor and sharp blade, this slicer delivers powerful performance to slice through various types of food with ease, providing efficient and reliable operation.

2. **Adjustable Thickness Control**: Featuring an adjustable slicing thickness control, you can easily customize the thickness of each slice to meet your specific culinary needs, ensuring versatility and precision in slicing.

3. **Safety Features**: The slicer is designed with safety in mind, incorporating features such as a blade guard and safety switch to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation in the kitchen.

4. **Durable Construction**: Built with durable materials, this slicer is designed to withstand the rigors of commercial use, offering long-lasting durability and performance in demanding kitchen environments.

5. **Easy to Clean**: The slicer’s removable parts and smooth surfaces make it easy to clean and maintain, helping you save time and effort in keeping your equipment in top condition.

From deli meats to cheeses and more, the Anvil Slicer Model MSA3220 by Melbourne Refrigeration is the perfect slicing solution for your kitchen. Experience precision, efficiency, and reliability in every slice with this high-performance slicer.


-Gravity fed slicer

-Blade Diameter: 220mm

-Safe blade removal tool

-Belt driven blade

-Not suitable for cheese or wet products i.e. lettuce and tomatoes

-Medium duty construction

-Cut capacity: 160 x 190mm

-Blade speed: 420 RPM

-Maximum slice thickness: 10mm

1 year manufacturers warranty

Additional information

Weight13 kg
Dimensions45.7 × 28 × 36.8 cm


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