Anets FM214GSCS Golderfry Filtermate Filter System

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Anets FM214GSCS Goldenfry Filtermate Filter System

The Anets Filtermate system fits neatly under two 14GSCS high efficiency gas deep fryers. This hands free automatic oiled filtration system saves operators thousands of dollars every year on labour and oil.

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  • For use with the Anets 14GS.CS Goldenfry fryers (base system).
  • Large 46 litre oil capacity.
  • Easy quick disconnect assembly allowing the filtermate system to be used as a portable filter or oil disposal unit.
  • Filter intake draws oil from the top and bottom leaving virtually no oil residue.
  • Safety interlocks shuts off burners to prevent empty frypot from heating.
  • Can be used as a portable filter (with optional hose assembly).
  • Stainless steel open tank is removable for easy cleaning.
  • Approximately 80kg of fries per hour.

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Dimensions 790 x 800 x 1180 mm
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