Combi Steam

Combining two-in-one functionality

Every commercial kitchen needs quality appliances that can perform multiple functions, for optimum performance and efficiency in the kitchen. Combi steam ovens allow you to improve the quality of the food you produce, combining convection and steam cooking functionality for superior results.

When you install a combi steam oven at your Melbourne restaurant or commercial kitchen, you enhance what your kitchen is able to produce. By incorporating steam into your cooking technique, you can create moist baked goods, succulent roasts and more.

Additionally, when you invest in a combi steam oven for your Melbourne business, you reduce the amount of clutter in your commercial kitchen, as combi steam ovens can do the job of both steamers and traditional convection ovens.

Improve the quality of the dishes you serve and invest in a multifunctional, multipurpose combi steam oven. Melbourne residents don’t need to look any further than Melbourne Refrigeration & Catering Equipment for a wide range of kitchen and catering appliances, including combi steam ovens.


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